Faber Castell Alert!

Faber Castell Alert!

As previously indicated, from April 1st, you must be a retailer to sign a contract with Faber Castell for the sale of the products shown below.

The retail sale of this product series is therefore no longer through us.

We still have stock of these products, but until end of stock.

Pencils and markers can also be ordered per color per piece.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you.

03-06-2021, 10:13

FC-167148 - Faber Castell - 48 pieces Studiobox


Faber Castell

FC-116900 - Faber Castell - Albrecht Dürer Magnus wooden box


Faber Castell

30pcs / ø 5.3mm
FC-117572 - Faber Castell - FC Watercolor Wooden case 72pcs.


Faber Castell

72 pcs / ø 3.8mm
FC-167150 - Faber Castell - FC Pitt Artist Pen studiobox


Faber Castell

Studiobox 60 pcs
FC-117513 - Faber Castell - FC Watercolor Woorden case 120pcs.


Faber Castell

120 pcs / ø 3.8mm
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